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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Man’s Inhumanity to Man : Reflections on Hiroshima

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August 6th 1945 the world changed forever when an Atomic weapon was detonated above Hiroshima, Japan. No visit to Japan should pass without a visit to the Hiroshima Peace Park & the Peace Museum.
wdsc_0544the A-Bomb Dome, Ground Zero of the atomic blast 
wdsc_0574the Peace Park Cenotaph 
wdsc_0565 the Flame of Eternal peace shall burn until there are no longer Nuclear Weapons on this earth (note the rain)
wdsc_0594Hiroshima before the drop 
wdsc_0596…and after the drop….. 

The following images are all photographs of the displays of the Peace Museum, the images themselves really say all there is to say … … …
wdsc_0606 the drop

wdsc_0609minutes after…. 

wdsc_0603in the following days…

wdsc_0598just hours after… 

wdsc_0589almost total destruction… 

wdsc_0583with no knowledge of radiation poisoning, residents continued to work in the effected areas 

wdsc_0587Survivor Art Work 
wdsc_0558Local School Children have the last word…..

View Hiroshima in a larger map
Location of Hiroshima on Google Maps


  1. Hi Jus, thanks for this insight. My grandfather served here with 67th Battalion in the British Commonwealth Occupation Force. He and all his mates died in their mid-60s around the same time from the same cancer. Apparently, our government announced compensation for those remaining after most of them had already died.

  2. I found it interesting with the 65th anniversary of the bombing taking place yesterday, it was the first time EVER that the US sent an official envoy to take part....65 years for that to happen......


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