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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

In the Beginning… year on



blogger one year title slide


Hard to believe but it’s been one year since I started this blog.

Why I started this blog and why I continue to write this blog I can’t really explain, god knows I hardly have time to keep it updated!

However I have managed to make at least one or two posts a month and readership has steadily increased.

Today the blog is averaging about 20 new hits a week, mostly coming from Google searches.

There are about a dozen regular readers who keep coming back to read more!

Overall in a year there’s been about 1700 unique hits and 6000 odd page loads.

Most visitors come from the US, with Australia second and a lot of hits from South East Asia, most likely as the majority of posts are from/about places in South East Asia.

The number one page hit is the Savu Sawu Sabu page, my second post, most likely because there is so little information about Savu out there. The blog is often rated number one in Google for searches on “Savu”.

The blog has also rated top in Google searches for such obscure searches as “Vietnam Mafia” and more regular searches such as “Coron Palawan”.

Each post averages 6 Facebook “likes”

Given that I can’t really explain what I wanted to achieve from the blog, I guess it’s all good…..

Lets see if I can keep it up to the second birthday in June 2012!

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